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jacob-charles-dietz-bio-picI was born and raised in Seattle, attending the University of Washington before transitioning to The School of Visual Concepts, a small fine arts academy housed in an old hat factory in downtown Seattle. It was there that I received my classical fine arts training and eventually would sit down in front of a Mac and begin my long standing fascination with digital tools and graphic design. Fast forward to present day where I’m happy to call Arizona’s sunny Sonoran Desert my home, far away from the gray skies and soggy streets of the northwest.

I’ve since made a name for myself as an award winning creative director, designer and digital marketing expert with a passion for contemporary art and design. I’ve become known as the go-to communications specialist for a number of brands, both locally and abroad. With a unique hybrid of real-world experience, creative vision, and technical knowledge, I specialize in brand strategy, interactive development and print media design in upscale retail, travel and hospitality spaces as well as publication design, UX development and video production.

Unlike a some people, I’m a hands on kinda guy which means I’m no stranger to pushing pixels in Photoshop, tweaking video in After Effects or making nearly imperceptible layout adjustments in InDesign before handing my work off to the team or sending it to the client just ahead of deadline. I’ve also been known to tweak HTML, CSS, Javascript and even PHP now and again, though I usually prefer leave such things to the experts unless some hair on fire emergency requires me to go under the hood.

jacob-charles-dietz-street-photography-picBuilding, leading and nurturing creative teams has given me some impressive cat herding skills, but most importantly I’m the guy who can talk the talk with “the suits” while still managing to engage with the creatives to ensure that everyone is on point and projects are moving forward. Working with some tough CFOs has taught me the importance of financial responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking as I’m a firm believer that there is always a way to make it happen and without breaking the budget.

I’m also a big believer in giving back to the community that’s been so great to me, so I routinely donate and offer discounted creative services to organizations and causes that I believe in such as Best Buddies Arizona, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix Heart Ball, Homeward Bound, Arizona Foundation for Women, and The Men’s Anti-violence Network.

When I’m not making killer creative, I’m an avid street photographer, desert explorer and manage to keep my illustration skills fresh by creating a few original book cover illustrations throughout the year.